Bioroof Retractable Bioclimatic Pergola system provides a stylish architectural covering to allow large outdoor areas to be used in even the worst of weather conditions. 

Bioroof is an innovated Bioclimatic Pergola system with full-automatic tilting / retractable aerofoil  aluminum louvres and provides excellent protection from the sun,rain,snow all the while providing beneficial ventilation.

Bioroof Pergola system is a modern choice that adds value to outdoor living areas, it brightens the look of home, residence, restaurant, hotel or cafes with a touch in luxury.

The system is designed to fit into any kind of outdoor living areas and it protects from all kind of weather conditions and provides exceptional quality of life in the open air with a high degree of visual and thermal comfort.

System includes optionally LINE LED stripe on sides of the frame and hidden SOFT LED stripes reflecting light under louvres. LINE LED stripes on sides illuminate all around system and create a cozy atmosphere and at the same time provide enough light to end the day. RGB LED-hidden stripes reflecting light under louvres of system ultimates luxury on your terrace with adjustment of the color from red to yellow to white.With dimmer, you adjust the lighting according to your mood and company.

Bioroof Pergola is made extruded Aluminium Profiles which can be coated in any color or colorful. You can also combine several Bioroof Pergolas with Sunroof and Skyroof Pergolas.

You can have more outdoor areas with our Retractable Roofs and Thermo insulated Glazing systems,so that you can enjoy yourselves even in winter.

Bioroof Bioclimatic Pergola is a remote operated system, additional rain, solar and wind sensor can be installed for your maximum comfort.