Retractable pergola

Retractable pergola

After working between four wall whole day at your workplace all you need a fresh air with little chat with your mates. Most of the working personals prefer to sit and have a coffee or a during in open air instead of sitting inside between four walls. That is the reason why most of the cafes, bars and restaurants prefer retractable pergola systems as demanded by the customers.     

Retractable pergola systems takes your open air culture and living standards to next level. If you are using using at workplace like cafes, restaurants, bars and other outdoor areas, it may ultimate your conversion and attract more customers.

Architecturally refined aluminum and automatic systems helps you customized the design according to your own style, standards, economy position and area you want to utilize.

We provide customized and finished solutions of retractable pergola systems with water proof retractable shades which not only gives you a better look also save your energy, money, and save your area with bad weathers.

Advantages of retractable pergola

  • Customized design and structure according to the area you want to use.
  • Cost effective and save energy by not using air condition
  • Inspiring design attract customers
  • Add value to your home or workplace
  • Protect furniture and goods under the shade by bad weathers