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Project Overview

Sunroof can be used for any need of retractable, space enlargement for commercial, residential or any purpose like religion, shopping, dining etc. The architectural touch, provides you to choose easily a type of our product range suitable for your property. One unit can be installed from 21 sqf, up to 1680sqf without any post in between. It is possible to combine several units together with our patented joining system without any leaking problems. Sunroof pergolas can stand to 73 MPH / 117 km/h wind load, and up to 1 foot snow load. By using high grade 6063 extruded aluminum profiles finished with electro-static powder coating which provides superior overall performance for exterior product applications. Membrane choices are not just about colors, light transmittion is also a needing for some spaces. Cleaning is not a big deal with our membranes. The systems are motorized with Somfy Motors for your comfort. Sunroof products can be used with remote controller or with your own smart phones even the LED lights. Solar and wind Sensors provides you more comfort even by your absence. The Sunroof products are certified by CE, TUV and ISO Sunroof Pergola provides the greatest comfort to any open space in terms of weather.

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